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Women's Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Facility

For those who struggle with substance abuse addiction, the road to recovery can be filled with many challenges and obstacles. If you have issues with drug or alcohol abuse, you need professional help and guidance in order to overcome those challenges and achieve a full recovery. With the many treatment options that are available to you, you may feel uncertain on what is best for you and your recovery. For quality drug and alcohol treatment and care, you can count on New River Wellness Center to deliver the essential services that you need while empowering you to embrace a healthy and happy life…for the rest of your life.

Quality Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services for Women

New River Wellness Center provides clients a comprehensive approach to women’s substance abuse treatment that embraces traditional and holistic therapeutic techniques in so women can recover from substance abuse in body, mind and spirit. We have specifically designed our substance abuse treatment program to address the special needs of women. The counseling, therapy and programming offered at NRWC is delivered by our highly trained and professional staff that understands the specific needs of each client. Because each client is unique, our staff can customize individual treatment plans that address these issues by focusing on their strengths, weaknesses, history and individual values and beliefs.

Quality Women's Addiction Treatment Services

Here at New River Wellness Center, our Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment program is based on 12 Step philosophy. We use the same 12 Step program that Alcoholics Anonymous founded in 1934. Our residents experience 12 Step meetings throughout the week and will find 12 Step philosophy incorporated in other aspects during their stay. Our residents are highly encouraged to participate in the 12 Step meetings as well as immersing themselves in the process of working the steps with a sponsor of their choice.

What Does Our Women’s Addiction Treatment Program Offer?

We provide a comprehensive array of tools and resources that will help women address the underlying causes of their specific addiction and help them embrace recovery. Our highly experienced staff comes from the fields of psychiatry, clinical therapy, nutrition and other health care fields. Additionally, our staff is dedicated to research and medical innovation and with that knowledge they create a drug and alcohol treatment programming that is highly effective and evidence-based. From the beginning of treatment through to completion, the staff at NRWC is with each client every step of the way.

Individual Counseling with Our Skilled Addiction Therapists

Woman Counselling Patient

In regards to services, New River Wellness Center provides client individual counseling from our 4 on-site therapists. The goal of individual counseling is to identify the underlying causes of a client’s addiction, including family history, past traumatic events and those specific triggers that can lead to substance use. Once identified, we can help clients work through those issues through the use of therapeutic techniques such as cognitive therapy, trauma resolution, and family therapy.

Group Therapy to Treat Drug & Alcohol Abuse in Women

Group Therapy at Women's Drug Rehab

Along with one-on-one counseling, NRWC offers group therapy sessions and counseling which focuses on those important topics that pertain to addiction and recovery such as urges and cravings, anger management and family dynamics and history, among others. Group therapy has proven to be an essential tool in the fact that clients can share their struggles with substance abuse with peers who are experiencing similar situations. This commonality provides the client with a supportive atmosphere to explore their feelings in a safe environment.

Women’s Dual-Diagnosis Program & Trauma Therapy

Women's Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Many women who suffer from substance abuse have underlying mental issues or have experienced trauma in their lives. Since these issues lie at the root of an individual’s addiction, New River Wellness Center provides dual diagnosis treatment as well as PTSD and trauma treatment. These programs help identify those underlying problems and utilizes a wide variety of therapeutic techniques and mental health service to fully address those concerns.

Drug & Alcohol Relapse Prevention for Women

Relapse Prevention for Women


From medication management New River Wellness Center also offers clients relapse prevention services, which is another critical element in the addiction treatment process. Once a client leaves formal drug treatment, they will need tools to help them maintain their sobriety once they resume their day-to-day activities and routines. The goals of relapse prevention include identifying the triggers that can lead to drug and alcohol use, learning the warning signs that are unique to each client, and most importantly teaching new coping skills that will help clients avoid or handle triggers so that relapse can be avoided.


Life Skills Training, Preparation for the Real World

Life Skills Training for Women

Additionally, New River Wellness Center offers clients important life skills training that utilizes a variety of daily living techniques to prepare clients for transition back into the real world. When in treatment, clients will be housed in apartment-like living quarters and will learn how basic skills such as grocery shopping and budgeting money while in a safe and sober environment. In addition to these traditional therapeutic and counseling methods, clients can also benefit from our holistic-based approaches to treatment and healing.

New River’s Holistic Addiction Treatment for Women

Women's Holistic Treatment for Addiction

Employing holistic approaches in drug and alcohol treatment can have enormous benefits in the treatment drug & alcohol addiction issues as well as relapse prevention. Our use of homeopathic remedies helps to treat the mind, body, and spirit and allows clients to truly recover from the ravages of substance abuse at all levels. The use of holistic methods, along with traditional therapeutic and counseling techniques, provides the most effective means for people to break the cycle of addiction and to experience long-term sobriety. We employ the following holistic methods:

  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Expressive Arts
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Group and individual counseling
  • Preventative relapse coaching

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