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What is addiction?

Friday, April 12, 2013 | Comments (0)
Whether you are facing an addiction yourself or you know a loved one that is suffering, understanding what is addiction is a key component to getting help and greatly improving one's life. When you ask yourself "what is addiction", is it is important to assess your current situation and how an addiction may be affecting you and those who surround you.

How does Addiction affect the users?iStock_000008206202_Small

Addictions with drugs and alcohol cause users to feel out of control in many aspects of their lives. When you want to know what is addiction and how does it affect users, it is important to look at the substances being abused and the actions of the user him or herself. Addiction ultimately leads to consuming the user's life, making them feel out of control and only seeking drugs, alcohol and other substances to provide fulfillment. When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they may not feel as if they have a choice to avoid using the substances, especially as the addiction progresses. NRWC-CTA-SMALL

What Causes Addiction?

Even if you are aware of what is addiction, it is important to also consider the causes of addiction, as these are considered triggers. Causes of addiction can range from the loss of a relationship or job to losing a loved one, going through a divorce or facing adversity physically or mentally. Any level of stress has the ability to cause addiction to substances, regardless of the surrounding circumstances.

Symptoms of Addiction

Many times, the symptoms of an addiction vary depending on the individual who is addicted and how severe the addiction is with alcohol, drugs and even prescription medication. Once you are aware of what is addiction, you can spot an addict by social behavior as well as by physical symptoms in some cases depending on the substance that is being abused. Many addicts will often become socially withdrawn and uninterested in activities or hobbies they may have once enjoyed. The sole focus of an addict includes finding and using drugs and alcohol as frequently as possible, even if it means being unable to provide for themselves financially. Individuals who have a severe addiction may also neglect hygiene and even their own nutrition. When an individual is addicted to drugs such as heroin or methamphetamine, physical sores and signs may also begin to appear.iStock_000013010381_Small

Treatment for Addictions

Although you may have the knowledge of what is addiction, treatments for those who have become dependent or addicted to alcohol or drugs of any kind vary greatly. There are many treatment options available depending on the severity of the addiction and the patient's own willingness to seek help and to commit to the treatments at hand. Group therapy and counseling along with in and outpatient rehabilitation facilities are available to help with treating addictions. Depending on the intensity of the addiction you may be facing, choosing between an in and outpatient rehabilitation facility is key. Utilizing the resources of a rehabilitation center is highly recommended to regain control of your life drug and substance-free.