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From treatment info to travel help, we are here to guide you through our easy process.

Basic Admission Procedure at New River Wellness Center

Our admission process is put together to help you receive the appropriate treatment that you need. To offer you just that, we have teamed up our efficient and friendly staff for a smooth intervention prior to any treatment. Our intake counsellors are ready to help you with the entire admission process to make sure your admission is hassle-free.

Here, at New River Wellness Center, we strive to give you individual attention to help you have a smooth transit into your customized treatment knowing all that you should know about the treatment program. Our work begins right here, with making you feel comfortable and all set for your healing to commence.

Make a difference; make a phone call

As you make a call, our admissions representative will answer your call and take you through each step of the admissions process by discussing with you about the addiction struggles you have and validating your insurance details. Our personnel will review all your treatment options to help you choose the one program that is the best for your needs.

Your first conversation

You are important to us and so is the situation that you are going through. Our aim is to help you access the best productive treatment that you deserve. Taking account of the myriad problems that women face today in the rehab world, our inpatient, women-only, residential treatment facility offers gender-specific treatment that is designed to serve women from various backgrounds. It is a comfort zone where women can attain a feeling of familiarity as they meet other women dealing with similar situations and discuss some of their intimate issues.

Here are a few things you will discuss with our admissions representative during your first phone call:

  • The most suitable treatment option for your needs
  • Details regarding the treatment duration and the facilities available in the center
  • Travel plans to the treatment center
  • Applicable insurance benefits and the coverage you are entitled to
  • Assistance in reserving an intervention specialist as per your preference

What can you carry for the treatment?

Here are a few must-haves that you will be expected to carry at the point of admission into the facility:

  • A valid legal photo ID, your driver’s license or passport.
  • Names, contact numbers and addresses of immediate or close relatives and healthcare professionals you prefer to assist you during your recovery. You will be allowed to contact them during your stay.
  • A list of all your prescribed medications along with the prescriptions and sufficient medications to last a few days while you move on with your treatment
  • Casual clothing like shirts, pants, sweaters and pajamas
  • Workout clothes for the gym
  • Good pair of shoes for regular wear and workout
  • Personal toiletries like shampoo and body wash. Please ensure that they contain no alcohol.
  • Small amounts of cash
  • A valid credit card to pay your insurance co-pays, if any during your treatment

Need help with your travel?

Our admission team will offer you assistance in getting to the New River Wellness Center. They will help you with your travel needs. They will help you coordinate airline tickets and arrange transport from the airport to our center. We also help with coordinating financial assistance through your insurance.

Closest airport to New River Wellness Center: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL / KFLL).  Your arrival at New River Wellness Center As you arrive at our center, our staffs and other inmates will greet you. Your journey to recovery starts from here. We provide the best addiction treatments that are available elsewhere and that starts from the first day of your arrival.

Our intake counsellor will take you through an assessment to discuss your current medical condition, the drugs prescribed, dosage recommended, including using patterns, family history and so forth. Right after the assessment is complete, your tour through our facility starts and you’ll have a chance to explore the facility and get accustomed to the surroundings. Your detox session

After your admission procedure is complete, you will be taken through a detox session to help you clear your body from all the alcohol and drugs. Our team of qualified and experienced medical professionals does the detox process and they have hands-on experience in making this process as comfortable as it can be.

Once your detox session is complete, you will move on to our inpatient treatment to get started with your journey through recovery.

To know more about the admission process at New River Wellness Center, call today to speak to one of our admissions counsellors about your alcohol and drug situation and find out your best possible treatment options. Your journey to recovery and liberty is just a phone call away. So call today to make it happen.

One of our intake representatives is waiting to assist you.

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