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Because of the Treatment at New River Wellness Center

- Tory

- Melanie

- Allie
Today we have 4 months clean and sober. Man does it feel good to say that. I have been struggling with addiction since i was 16 years old and an eating disorder since the age of 12. For the past 7 years my life has been a revolving door using , treatment, halfway and repeat. I was lost in the cycle and my life had passed the point of spiraling out of control. I was dying. My disease was destroying everyone and everything including me. I was on the at the point of no return. After countless detox's and drug treatment centers not only did my family start to give up but I myself had lost hope that treatment worked. November 16 , 2015 I made a call like i had done so many times before. This time though I came in contact with a women Kristin from a woman's facility called New River Wellness. I had never heard of this place before and believe me I had been around the block when it came to the Florida treatment center shuffle. The place Kristin describe was not like the other rehabs i had been it was small and intimate. I felt how much she cared and how passionate she was about recovery just from our first phone call. Something about that conversation gave me a littler glimpse of hope and just enough to drive to try treatment one more time. I've found my second family at New River. This place is like a diamond in the rough. They loved me till I could love myself. Today they are one of my biggest supporters. This place and the people that work here have helped saved my life. I am not just another number doing my 30 days in treatment then thrown back out to fight on my own. Today I am more then a number I am Courtney Haviland recovering addict that is no Longer fighting my disease on my own. I am a part of a Family that I found at New River Wellness Center.
- Courtney Haviland
My kids have unfortunately been in several rehabs. New River Wellness is by far the most professional and caring treatment center my daughter has been in. The staff truly cares about their residents and go over and above their call of duty if it's necessary. Because this center is small each woman is given the personal attention she needs to start the road to recovery. As a mother you want to know your child is being well taken care of while they are fighting their demons. I for one was able to put my head down at night and slept well knowing my girl was in the best hands.
- Harriette Rovner
Best decision of my life. Wonderful staff, great therapy, and more reasons to take the great part of your life. Much learned here and will continue on my journey of sobriety. Thank you New River Wellness; if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have gotten clean! God bless
- Kelcie Aken
As a former client, my experience here has been great. I attended this treatment center with the idea that sobriety wasn't for me, I was just trying to keep my legal issues and housing situation at bay. After time spent here allowing myself to be open to staff and clients, I have a new sense of my worth and what I am capable of. Today I can proudly say that I am now living in a half way house, I am employed, and life just continues to get better. I came in as a lost, confused, broken person feeling as if there was no way out. Without the help of this treatment center and its staff, I do not think that I'd be where I am today. Thanks NRWC!
- Kelly Lawson
Amazing staff!! Diane, Angee, Melissa and Michelle are amazing (not to say the others arent, these were just my personal favorites). They truly make you feel at home, and are great listeners. Their job isn't easy at all, but they do whatever they can to help you get through the program. They help you learn to become more independent, mature women. The intimate setting of just a few girls really helps as well, compared to facilities that house hundreds of people. They're kind, supportive and wonderful people.
- Lisa Callister
There is far too much to say about this treatment center. Most importantly, it is not coed. The issues women face in the area of addiction are different from males. In addition, New River is open to listening. Listening to the client first and foremost, as well as the significant people in her life. This is not a " cookie cutter" treatment center, and sadly, more exist than one can even imagine. Valerie and the staff she has assembled are exemplary at what they do. A harsh word is never spoken, and they all try to be role models for these women. Do not infer that this means the team is bamboozled. No way! I prefer to use the term " velvet hammer" The approach is direct , the therapy techniques individualized, groups are closely monitored and respect is highly emphasized .. Respect for self, respect for others. Let me not dismiss wonderful "Doc" as he is lovingly called. Doc is a straight shooter. He presents the best way each person's disease can be treated should medication be necessary. He is direct, thorough, and works with the family should this be an option.However, Doc, one of the finest psychiatrists I have met since arriving in SE Florida,presents the disease with taking medication or without it. The choice is yours. In a setting such as this, where the numbers of clients is so small compared to many places, I recommend without hesitation sending your loved one to New River Wellness. You become a part of an environment that is safe, genuinely caring,and professional. If you or your daughter is suffering from this disease, I recommend coming here. The environment is positive and hopeful. The tools are provided, but recovery still remains in your hands or your loved one's hands.
- Marla Moskovitz
This place and the staff saved my life! I am truly grateful! The life I have now wouldn't be possible with out you! I love you all and thank you.
- Shannon Elliott
New River is the place I literally account for saving my life. I am coming up on 5 months clean and sober and I couldn't have done it without this place and the incredible staff. Kristen and Melissa are so compassionate, knowledgeable, and always lend an ear for when I needed to talk. It was an up and down battle, but I made it through thanks to the amazing support I got from these awesome people. The head tech, Angie, was always there for me when times got rough and I will always remember her making me smile smile emoticon Doc and Val are loving and caring people who always have their clients best interests at heart. I have grown close to the staff at New River, especially Melissa (Director, Primary Therapist), who is also my trauma therapist. I have learned to open up to her and become vulnerable without judgement. Her guidance has gotten me through some hurdles that I had to jump in my early recovery. I am forever grateful for New River and its staff. I will always have a special place in my heart for all of them.
- Vanessa Bequis

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