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New River Wellness Center is comprised of the top professionals in the industry ranging from onsite Psychiatrists, Doctorate Level Clinical Therapists, Licensed Master’s Level Clinical Therapists, Professional Behavioral Health Technicians, Acupuncturists, Expressive Arts Therapists, Registered Dietitians and recovery specialists. Our PHP (Partial Hospitalization) program, as well as our comprehensive c ontinuum of care, provides high quality, evidenced-based medical and clinical interventions within a well-rounded holistic treatment program focused on healing the whole woman. We assess and treat the woman from a complete multidisciplinary team approach.   We integrate and utilize a strength-based, gender-responsive model within a relational, trauma-informed, and culturally diverse style of treatment to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our treatment philosophy considers the total experience of the addicted woman and extracts her internalized strength to help her develop a recovering identity for long-term sobriety.

Women's Treatment Center

Our Women’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment model offers a full continuum of care from the first stage of Intervention to Aftercare and sober living placement. Our highly trained staff ensure that each client receives the best care possible throughout the process of treatment. Our full continuum of care program model includes:

  • Intervention: This is the process when the client is made aware of their problem by loved ones and friends. Many interventions take place in a safe environment guided by a professional Interventionist.  New River Wellness Center will assist families and loved ones in providing intervention services to help assist your loved one in need realize the need for treatment and the severity of  their addiction. 
  • Medical Services: Our Medical Director provides clients will a full psychiatric evaluation upon admission. Our trained and experienced psychiatrists are onsite 5 days a week to provide and adjust medication in real time. Our medical methodology aims to create and sustain stability and relief. We highly recommended and encourage the use of anti-craving agents such as Naltrexone and Vivitrol. In addition, we excel at assisting our clients with dignity in the management of withdrawal symptoms,  more resistant psychiatric symptoms, and  the overall promotion of health and wellness.     
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): Our partial hospitalization program is based on a holistic, 12 Step treatment model. During the PHP level of care, clients reside at a beautiful community style sober living residences located on a pristine, calm marina setting.  During the daytime, clients attend various groups and individual therapy sessions as well as holistic based activities such as yoga, acupuncture and guided meditation. When clients return to the residences in the evening, they can enjoy a swim in the pool, a movie in the private movie theater, or a workout in the state of the art fitness center. Each night our clients are also transported to a 12 step meeting and are encouraged to reach out to others and find a sponsor.
  • Intensive Outpatient (IOP): Once our clients complete the PHP rehabilitation phase of treatment, the next recommended phase of treatment is intensive outpatient. Upon leaving New River Wellness Center, many clients are directed to transitional sober living residences where they can continue to work on their recovery and begin to live a more authentic lifestyle. While living at the sober living residence, clients in the intensive outpatient level of care will continue to attend groups and individual sessions during the weekdays. Counselors and clients alike see the IOP level beneficial to continuing recovery while learning how to live life in recovery.
  • Outpatient (OP):  Once the client completes IOP treatment, the next level of care offered is outpatient treatment. This usually consists of one or two groups a week along with weekly individual sessions. By this time, many clients have some time in recovery under their belt and are able to return to their normal lives. Along with outpatient treatment, clients usually attend a 12 Step program and begin working with a sponsor to achieve continued recovery through the 12 Steps.
  • Alumni Program: The ultimate goal of treatment is long term sobriety. Our clients are always welcomed at New River Wellness Center and we encourage contact even after the client leaves our treatment program. With our Alumni Program, we allow past and current clients the chance to interact as well as encourage and inspire each other in their recovery. If a client is ever in need , we strongly urge that they contact New River Wellness Center. If any of our clients should ever relapse, we are here day and night to help find their way back to recovery.

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